Haley + Christopher

December 29, 2018

Haley + Christopher’s summer boho country wedding was truly a special day.  You could feel the love between these two high school sweet hearts every time they looked at each other.   Haley is a self proclaimed child of the woods and incorporated her style & atheistic fully for both the ceremony & reception.  They chose the date to make sure the wedding took place during a Full Moon.

Initially the ceremony was planned for Highland Forest but due to the high chance of rain, they decided to move it to the reception venue at Spring side Farms.  And wow, did they make the last minute adjustment just stunning with a spectacular decorated chandler, gorgeous florals and bringing elements of the forest inside, using tree stumps to display the candles & florals.

Immediately following the ceremony we were able to shoot the full bridal party, family photos & then focused on the couple.  Suddenly the sky grew dark and we new it was time to make our way inside.  Within seconds of taking cover the sky opened up and it was an incredible rainstorm with last for about 20mins.  Shortly after ending, the sun came out and they had a gorgeous sunset.  Working with Haley was a dream.  She was open to anything and even volunteered to run through the row of pine tress for what is one of my favorite images ever.  She even drove myself & Christopher in a ATV in full off roading style, up to the top of the mountain to get Epic sunset shots overlooking her venue & surrounding area.  The view was just break taking!

Deborah. Hall

I am the mother of the groom.I just want to say you absolutely did an amazing job taking the pictures of there special day.
Thank you
Debbie Hall


Thank you so much! I loved working with them!

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